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"That's ok, I don't want him milked now, cos Dad and Uncle Kayode beeh want to see him tonight. Lets go shower! T-Boy, for God's sake xxx beeg put your shorts on, and https //beeg.com clean your milf beeg face, my folks will be back soon. "You can come and join us, and wash our cocks." Next episode soon! Thanks to all of you for the beeg jepang feedback from Episode 1 -- the sex beeg story seems to work for many of you. All suggestions mom beeg /comments on this b eeg and sex beeg the previous part are really beeg free appreciated. philip_effiongyahoo Date: Mon, 25 Jan sex beeg 2010 01:25:13 -0800 beeg hindi (PST) From: pat roberts Subject: Ebony High Part 4 The Pod Goes National! This episode leaves Thierry alone with his black friends for a while and takes a look at beeg beeg how the Pod system, which beeg xnxx was affecting his life so profoundly, was beeg.com/ tube beeg developing all over the country. Don't worry, we will free porn beeg get back to Thierry later! * * * * * Fifteen years after independence and black majority rule the Pod system had developed, in one form bee or another, in most of beeg porno Ubongo's secondary schools. It achieved its most advanced form in the xxx beeg private schools, where single sex education for boys and the presence of boarders led to beeg xnxx it becoming a semi-formal part of the schools. Here the boys of the new Black elite were educated with a scattering of white boys whose parents still lived in Ubongo. beeg sex The Pods had spread from the initiatives of black boys themselves. When for example Podded schools visited for away football matches, boys in the host school saw what use was made of the few white boys to service the visiting team -- transferring the concept from school to school, black students started to Pod their own white class-mates. beeg tube There were some difficulties at first, but soon the whites who didn't cooperate were moved to other schools. At first the school authorities and the teachers had tried to stop it. But then the advantages began to show. Improved behaviour by older black boys led to better grades, there was less non-focussed aggression, far fewer girls getting into trouble with teenage pregnancies. More than that many of the black teachers got a buzz out of what was happening often before their noses, and the white boys especially the most "valued" ones, not only seemed to get used to the system but got to enjoy beeg.coom their role. New expressions became current. The white boys involved were "Pod www beeg.com Whites" or "Podded Whites"; the Pods themselves developed names -- the Laughing Boys, Silva Niggas, the BOBB POD (Blacks on Blond Boys); Pod Breaks were brought beeg com. into the timetable; there were designated places, Pod Rooms, for their activities in some schools. At Ebony High, Podded Whites were soon given special uniforms, Pod activities were videoed and Pod Swaps ensured that the most desirable Pod Whites were circulated through the school, often for soccer-style, but small, transfer beeg.coom fees. These fees paid for refreshments beeg massage in Pod meetings and for the kit and equipment they beeg milf needed, In Ebony High, beeg..com the Principal held regular shows of Pod sessions for friends and some colleagues. They proved amazingly popular, and beeg moms selected begg Pod Whites were brought in to "service" the viewing. Thus not only could a black teacher watch one of anal beeg his white pupils being gang-banged by his black classmates, porno beeg he could get sucked off by the same boy as they watched. For the white boy it was the ultimate wwwbeeg humiliation, as the black teachers beeg laughed beegxx and joked as they watched him on screen sucking off multiple young black cocks, being fucked, beeg teen used and beaten, while at the same time he was sucking off or being fucked by the teachers. As not all white boys were suited for Pod duties, to select out the best boys, and to improve performance, Ebony High commenced a PART programme, for their school and others. beeg tube The beeg 18 programme was largely run by the prefects. PART (Physical examination, Aptitude tests, Racial reorientation and Training) involved new beeg coom white boys being thoroughly examined, being trialled within the school, being tested by the prefects for anal receptivity and insertion limits, receptivity to hd beeg domination, and being trained in what might be new activities for them such as cock sucking. beeg sex video The boys who passed were attached to new PODS, those that failed beeg lesbian were usually out of the school within days. Publicly the role of the white boy in the Pod was beeg beeg never acknowledged fully; but POD breaks, beegporn in practice, left little to the imagination with the black boys dragging the white boy beeg vids away and returning to class happy and relaxed with the white Pod Boy returned dishevelled or in Pod clothes, or even near naked. The uniforms that the Pod whites had to wear become more explicit. The t shirts got smaller -- not anywhere reaching the waist, and the shorts got looser and shorter. The T shirts began to carry messages; "Property of the BOBB Pod; if found please return", "Laughing Boys Pod use only". The shorts too had often jokey slogans over the rear or www beeg com the cock - "Blacks Enter at Rear","Blacks Only" "In beeg porn Emergency Pull Down!, "Black Powered". At first these uniforms were www.beeg worn only within the Pod meeting but many Pods beeg gesetz insisted that their boy should wear them in class and around the school. The constant sexually directed attention the white boys received made them milf beeg more not less sexually beeg . charged. To a girl wolf whistles might be annoying, to the Pod boys they usually resulted in an erection. And for black boys indifferent to experimenting with white bee boys, they were so obviously sexualised as to attract many of the waverers. The wearing of Pod shorts in class ensured that the sexual attentions directed at the white teenagers seldom ceased. In class teachers got used to seeing black hands exploring up the thin cotton shorts of white boys who were usually seated surrounded by their black Pod members guarding their asset (and his ass!). The following example of what beeg porn often happened when the Podded white boy was in class, was written up by Themba Zuala , a 4th Grade beeg-com Zulu student at New Africa High for Boys: Matthew was sitting in the middle of the class. He's a tall slim blond boy of 16 who beeg 4k is Podded by a group largely younger than beeg. com us. One of his Pod leaders though, Ade, is also in our class. He usually sits at beag.com the www.beeg com back but that day was beeeg next to him. Matt has been told by the Pod always to wear his Pod www beeg com clothes to class, and it means there's often a lot happening and many boys like to sit next to him. He looks very sexy. His black t shirt is tight over his tits and doesn't reach his white shorts, which have wide legs but very short. Of course he's not allowed briefs or a jock by the Pod. On this day, as the teacher turned beeg mature to write on the Board, Ade pushed his hand up the left leg of Matt's shorts; I think, from where I sat, beeg xx he held on beeg hd to his balls. Ade looked round for reactions and as he saw the blacks all round watching, he grinned beegs from side to side and must have squeezed the balls, 'cos Matt jumped in his seat. I heard Vuvi, a small Zulu boy on the other side whisper something to Ade and beegxx then push his own hand up beeg coom www beeg the right leg. I think he grabbed the cock. We all thought it was funny. Matt started to sweat and looked down at the action inside hd beeg his shorts. He blushed bright red, and looked to see whether any of his black buddies in beegxxx the class could help him. But beeg com they were all enjoying it. Then Ade pulled the balls to beeg indian the left and Vuvi pulled the cock to the right. They were both tugging real hard. Matt's mouth dropped open with shock and maybe pain. Then the beeg videos class erupted in laughter. That's when Mr Mzembe turned round and yelled for quiet. "Matthew beeg teen Watson! Why are you always the beeg hairy centre of trouble? Stand Up!!" Mr beeg porno Mzembe is a young teacher of about 23, just out of college and is known for his tolerance of Pod behaviour -- he even beeg x at times takes a white Pod boy to his beeg hot room for "extra tuition"! Ade whispered to Vuvi to keep hold of the cock, and so Matthew stood up beeg movies with the two beeg .com black boys' hands deep into his white shorts. But as he stood up his legs were too long for the shorter Vuvi... he didn't let go of the white cock and it popped beeg black out from under beeg .com the shorts. The class went wild!! "Why are you getting those boys to do that to you in class, Watson? Come to the front, boy, beeg mp4 and bend over my desk!" Ade and Vuvi let go, Ade smacked his ass, Matt pushed his cock back in, and went to the front, to jeers and catcalls from the class, beeg sexxx including from those he thought of as his buddies. "Beat him sir!" "Beat beeg com. his white ass sir!!" the cries rang out. "Bend over my desk, boy, your back to the class!" "But sir, its not fair sir, I didn't...." "Just DO IT Boy!" As Matthew bent over his ass was jutting out beeg mp4 into the class, just a few feet from the front row. Mr Mzembe pulled down his white shorts and took беег them off. He was naked then cos underwear isn't beeg sexxx allowed for Pod boys. There were cheers from the boys, and those at the back all came beeg.c forward for a better view. They were sitting on their desks and stuff; some stood up around the master's podium. Someone beegxxx threw a tennis ball and hit Matt's ass full beeg indian on. That was really funny and even Mr Mzembe laughed. Then Mr Mzembe said he would spare him the cane and spank him with his hands, which was really nice of him. They were both up on the teacher's podium so we all got a good view, especially when Mr Mzembe told him to spread his legs. beeg mom Then we could see his balls and everything. I know Mr Mzembe was porno beeg excited because we all beeg poto saw that in his jeans. He wears them tight and we could see his nigga cock stretched beeg hot down his leg. It tube beeg was really big. I know Matt saw it too. Mr Mzemba felt the white ass cheeks a lot and gave him six hard spanks, then he felt the ass cheeks again. Someone called out beeg/ "Sir can we see his bum hole sir? And he said it was just like ours, porn beeg but spread the white cheeks so we could all see. He did it a few times, stroking the crack down to the balls.Oh wow! Then he .beeg told Matthew to say thank you for the beating, which Matt did. Then he said to turn round and apologise to the class, which he did. He turned round so we saw his white cock all hard, and site beeg.com beeg said "I apologise to all members of the class for my behaviour!" teen beeg . We laughed as we saw his stiff white cock after he had been beeg xxx spanked and the class had all seen up his hole! anal beeg Then Mr Mzembe told teen beeg him to beegporn go beeg/ back to his place without his shorts, which he was keeping until after lunch, as a punishment. Mr Mzembe went out of the room with them, beeg xxx saying he would be free porn beeg back in ten minutes, so of beeg course we all made a rush for Matt and some of us, not in hd beeg his Pod, got out our cocks and wanked beeg mature over beeq.com him. Others pulled on his cock and made him cum. Nobody fucked him then, cos Ade was there, but he was spanked some more and the two Somali boys got their fingers up. Oh boy, was he crying!! When the bell went for breakwe all www beeg com went out leaving him there covered in cum. I heard later that Mr Mzembe was beeg sexxn watching it all on the beeg milf security camera set up to be watched in his beeg jepang room and he was probably sniffing Matthews shorts! When Matt got them anyway beeg porche at the break there was dry cum all over them. I think the two Somalis must have both fucked him in the toilets after the class 'cos they led him in there, beeg mature when still didn't have his shorts. They pushed us, and punched Toto and told us to go away; they very tough, and Matt had a black eye after and his t shirt was all torn. * * * * * * This account is interesting because it shows how far the Pod system involved not beeg 4k only the boys but the school and staff. We will close with another example of staff/student collaboration from Ebony beegs High the private school for boys which has taken the utilisation of white boys for the benefit of young blacks further than any other school: Dr Musonda was the young enthusiastic Principal of the private and up-market Ebony High, a boarding school of 575 boys. When the beeg sexxx Pod system had been running for beeg xxx a few years he had noted the increased interest in rich black families sending their boys to the school and the better standards of behaviour, better exam and sporting results, and a generally happy beeg.c atmosphere among the boys. The 30 or so white boys generally had parents who were attracted by the strict discipline of beeg . the school, corporal punishment being still practised, as well as the relatively cheap fees. When he held a meeting with staff to review the successes and challenges of the Pod in his school the 32 year old Musonda involved a few other younger members beeg xvideos of the all-black faculty who, with him, had watched secretly videoed sessions of several of the Pods. For the review the fiction was maintained that the beeg moms Pod was there to give social support to the white boys. Three WPBs (White Pod Boys) were milf beeg called in to give their views, each accompanied by the Pod Senior. The WPBs were all dressed in their normal short white cotton shorts, short white socks and tight abbreviated black singlets; the Pod Seniors in the full school uniform white shirts and school ties, maroon blazers over their tight longer khaki shorts and long grey socks. Dr Musonda kept what promised to be the most interesting beeg.com interview beeg porche to the end of the day, when indian beeg the school had largely closed, or was on the games field. Eugene, a beeg.com/ tall well built white boy of 18, was the last WPB in. Though a school prefect and one of the oldest boys in the school, Eugene was Podded to a group of 12 to 14 year olds. Musonda had tried this as an experiment, as Eugene was very experienced with Pod duties. beeg xx His dual role had led to some bizarre scenes. But he was well liked in beeg mp4 the school and having been Podded xnxx beeg for three years beeeg the younger boys could benefit from his experience. He was led in, in this case, by two cute well behaved African lads of 13, who explained they were joint Pod Seniors for beegxxx the week. To Musonda's surprise Eugene, if he wore little else, beeg come wore a strong black leather collar beeg vids to beeg 18 which a leash was attached and held by one of the lads. The boys stood in front of the table where the Principal, two young teachers and a 19 year old student teacher sat. The four adult beeg gesetz African males smiled as they looked Eugene standing, head bowed -- xxxbeeg his shorts barely covered his pubic hair, and seemed even shorter this morning, free beeg and his singlet stopped just below his nipples. Then they looked at the smartly dressed cherubic, young African boys, both happy and bright as buttons, in their ties beeg black and blazers one each side of him, and only chest high to him in height. "Turn round for beeg mom us Eugene, and stand facing the door. Legs apart Eugene please!" "I wanted you to see the slogan" he said to the young student "Property of Nubian Young Tigers!!" was written across the back www.beeg.com of the singlet. "It refers to the t-shirt not the boy! xnxx beeg But well the meaning you know is a little how would you say ambiguous! The student teacher laughed, taking in the www.beeg 18 year old white boy's ass cheeks, barely covered by the shorts. " Oh My Sir! Those shorts! Its a miracle his cock and balls don't fall out! "Well of course with shorts cut like that its bound to happen, but bear in mind that white boys are generally a lot smaller than black boys of the same age. We feel its important that our young black boys are not discouraged from discovery and exploration. "Turn to face us beeh again Eugene! Quickly Boy, we haven't got all day!" The smaller of the two black boys yanked on free beeg the leash "Turn round Boy!" "Now then you two young rascals, tell us how you are all getting on with Eugene?" Julius, the darker and smaller of the two, who held Eugene's leash, responded "Its going well, Sir. Most of the boys find him very good to them and helpful, beeg free and we feel very refreshed after our sessions -its like a release of tension and fun Sir -- and even though the Pod is now a bit bigger, we think he tries his best to fit us all in www.beeg.com Sir. "Not all at the beeg. com same time, I hope?" said the Principal, beeg sexxn trying a little beeg hairy joke to put the boys at ease. The teachers chuckled. "No Sir, but we now have two teams in the Pod and we alternate access between us. That's .beeg why we have joint Pod leaders Sir, to iron free beeg out problems Sir. Sometimes we have problems with the foreign black boys Sir, cos they take too long, want second goes site beeg.com beeg and stuff. "We also spit roast him Sir, "chimed in Lolo, "cos that we we can form two lines using his mouth and asshole Sir, and beeg hindi this term we have tried double-entry fucking Sir, that's beeg come two nigger cocks up his ass together Sir, but its not always easy Sir!" "Lolo!! Watch your language when you speak to me! I will not have you using the "N" word in this school. Its very demeaning -- where is your ethnic pride, Boy?" "Sorry Sir, the Nigerian boys use the word a lot sir when they using Eugene." beegs "Then tell them to beeg beeg stop! I won't have it! They must fuck him with pride as young Africans" "Well Eugene, I'm glad that your young Pod is so happy with you! Well done, www beeg www beeg.com Boy! I don't suppose you have you anything you want to add?" "Well, Sir, yes please Sir! I am being used for such long periods Sir, and so often, that I have no time or energy for my studies Sir, and I am to go to Uni this year Sir! The Pod is now thirty-two boys Sir, and growing every week -- they have huge www.beeg..com beeg xx needs and energy Sir!" " But they porn beeg are just small African boys, Eugene, not beeg xvideos like the big guys you had in your last Pod?" "Not so small, Sir, most are very well developed beeg.coom and I am fucked for hours Sir, indian beeg non-stop!" "You are a prefect Eugene, you shouldn't allow these boys to run rings around you! "But Sir, the rule is that a PWB can't disobey any beeg hd of their Pod members Sir! Its part of beegcom the racial re-education programme here Sir." "Hmmmmmm, well that's true, we will have to see what we can do. Tell me boys," he said, addressing the two young minders, "why have you got him on a leash?" "Its part of his uniform Sir. Its because he is tall and we are a bit short, so we can pull on it and get him down to our level Sir, like this." He pulled the leash down and Eugene collapsed to his knees. The adult African males laughed. His young black keeper shortened the leash as he was беег made to nuzzle and suck the front of both boys' khaki shorts. One of the boys was tapping him gently on the bum with his brown leather shoe. "The leash can also be used for Pod discipline Sir." He detached it from the collar and flicked the prefects bum with it making him yelp. The Principal was struggling beeg videos with a huge erection by this time, beeg hot and he looked at his colleagues who nodded to him that things should go forward. The young student seemed to be having problems with the front of his jeans. "Do you keep the shorts on beeg com when you discipline him? asked the Principal "Oh no beeg xvideos Sir! They mom beeg always come off Sir and then he is made to bend over a chair Sir." "Show us how you do that please!" Eugene was appalled. He had been told that this was a chance to air his grievances -- yet he was being used as entertainment. He looked at the row of teachers and saw they all appeared to beeg porno be feeling their beeg lesbian beeg sex crotches Lolo pulled over a